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San Diego State University

Study Abroad

2011 Contest Winners


Theme: Science, Ethics, and Moral Courage

Book: Rebecca Skloot, The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks


First Place: KristiAnne Malechuk

College of Business, Faculty-Led Summer Program in Rome: Italy, 2011
Rome, Italy. "Thousands of people were celebrating equality at the annual Euro Pride Parade in Rome. And this man’s simple statement expresses a basic desire for everyone to able to marry the person he or she loves regardless of one’s gender or what others think."


Second Place: Aubry Alaniz

HHS 350 International Health & Human Services Faculty-Led Study Abroad: Thailand, 2011

Bangkok, Thailand. "Imagine forfeiting a childhood of being unruly and wild, and adopting one of discipline and respect some adults never achieve. Young monks, such as these, shadow ordained monks in order to receive blessings from their mothers. These individuals demonstrate a powerful love for their religion and families early on."

Third Place: Corina Marquez

Service Learning and Community Engagement Faculty-Led Study Abroad: Dominican Republic, 2011
Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. "Just exiting the AIDS room we showed the Doctor much gratitude for what he is doing for the community. A Dominican native he ran the only clinic available to locals. This man reminded me of how much one person can change the world one step at a time."

Honorable Mention: CJ Capes

Actuality Media Outreach: Guatemala, 2011
San Mateo Milpas Altas, Guatemala. "To pick up a camera is one thing.  To explore the possibilities of visual storytelling as one of the first generations of Guatemalan youth not to experience the oppression and violence of a 36-year long civil war is another thing entirely. The future is in their hands."